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Following a mission in Iceland, Third Echelon Agent Sam Fisher, who has been doing top secret missions for years, learns that his daughter, Sarah, was killed in a car accident. Her death leaves Sam distressed, and his boss, Irving Lambert, in an effort to straighten him out, assigns Sam on a type of mission he's never done before: Sam Fisher must go undercover in a terrorist organization known as the JBA (John Brown's Army) which seeks to overthrow the American government by any means necessary. During his mission, Sam must ensure that until he stops the JBA, he must not blow his cover.
Sam Fisher is a wreck. He has lost the only thing that he has to live; his daughter, Sarah Burns, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. His superior, Irving Lambert, puts him undercover in the same prison cell with a man named Jamie Washington, who is a member of a terrorist organization called John Brown's Army. Fisher and Washington escape from the prison and Fisher is assigned to discover the JBA's plan, while remaining undercover.
I don&#39;t know anyone who could call this turd great. Polish it up and it is still a turd. It took me a lot longer to play the previous &quot;Chaos Theory&quot; (SCCT). This was purchased at a used game store for $10 and took about a week to beat. I work and attend school so you know I don&#39;t have much time to play video games. It was incredible how much dialog was recycled on this game from the SCCT, and they even recycled the old ninja jokes. To make this even more lame the cinematic cuts are nothing more than blurred still shots for the most part. They pan across documents and photos and not one of the cuts can hold a candle to SCCT. The game sinks even lower with a new feature called &quot;Trust Meter&quot; where you don&#39;t really get to choose JBA or NSA fully.<br/><br/>Spoilers follow here.<br/><br/>JBA stands for John Brown&#39;s Army, yet it is never really explained why their leader Emile Dufraisne desires to destroy 3 major cities in his homeland. Also he is from the deep south (Louisiana) and John Brown from history was an American abolitionist, who advocated and practiced armed insurrection as a means to end all slavery. There are so many plot holes that it just makes for bad story telling. How bad you ask? Well… we are aware by the end that Sam is in love with one of the terrorists but how that love developed is never explained or shown. One of the worst mission plots is a direct recycle of the Bath House from SCCT, you are on a Russian ship and the captain announces over the PA that he has planted 4 bombs in the engine room. His crew guards these bombs. If you interrogate any the crew, they would like you to kill the captain. Why would someone guard bombs to their death and die for someone they hate? Some of the decisions made in the game alter your cuts but never the outcome of the game. Sam is shown as a patriot in SCCT and Double Agent ruins his character and brands him a traitor.<br/><br/>This game was played out on the PS2 and I have no idea if it plays differently on other consoles. I played SCCT on Xbox and really game play was not an issue. Nonsense was the overall issue. I have no intention to play or purchase the new Conviction release because of this turd.
I&#39;m a big fan of the series and I truly believe that the original one and Pandora Tomorrow are masterpieces. But I loved this one much better. I&#39;ve played it 5-6 times, and every time it feels like watching your favorite movie. I think I&#39;d rather play it in 6 months or so again. I very much hope that the filmmakers despite of the rest will look into making an individual Splinter cell movie which will have the spirit of this game and a score similar to the soundtrack of Double agent. To me the best Splinter cell ever! Even after so many years! Also I have to say that after this one Splinter cell Conviction was a huge disappointment, hopefully the next one will bring the story to its&#39; roots.

January 4, 2008 - December 21, 2008
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